Best Hand Saw - What you must know before buying
As you probably already know if you're reading this article, hand saws are owned by just about every house hold around the world. The reason so many people own a hand saw is because it's an extremely useful tool. It's useful for professional applications like cutting timber for a building project. But it's also extremely versatile, meaning that it's actually useful for tons of DIY applications around the house. the best hand saw is actually hard to choose because there are so many different types. We aim to narrow down this overwhelming choice by showing you which type of saw suits you best.

What's so great about the hand saw? Well, for one it's very portable. Most other types of saws require some kind of power source like batteries or petrol. All you need to operate a hand saw is a functioning set of arms. Because they're so portable you can easily take them from job to job if you're a builder. Or, over to your neighbor to help him trim his trees and that sort of thing. Hand saws are basically nothing more than a metal blade with teeth attached to a plastic or wooden handle. Don't let that simplicity fool you though, there are so many choice when it comes to finding the best hand saw.

First let's take a look at some different types of hand saws. One fairly common type is the hacksaw. If you work in a garage or workshop you likely already know about these. They're a tool that's usually used for cutting through metal, although they can also tackle other materials like plastic. These style of saws are unique in that they have slim replaceable blades that stretch between a long handle. This is a nice feature because it means once you buy one, you likely will never need to buy anything else except for the occasional replacement blade if you use it a lot. There's another type of saw known as the coping saw. It's a similar design to the hacksaw and is basically a small hand held saw that's used for delicate work where a hack saw is too large. The blade of these saws can also be adjusted to odd angle to cut in difficult situations.

Best Hand Saw

The regular hand saw is the most common style that most of us have in mind when we think of hand saws. As mentioned earlier, these tool are extremely common - not just for builders but for everyday mom and pops. One common use the hand saw has in the hands of an everyday joe is trimming unwanted branches of trees. They're also great for making wooden crafts, sawing through planks and much more. If in doubt picking this type of hand saw is probably the best choice for you. As far as choosing a brand goes, it is best that you choose a saw from a well known brand like DeWalt. This way you know that it will last you a long time because they're known to produce quality hand tools. Make sure the saw you purchase has high carbon steel teeth, this ensure that they stay sharp over time.
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